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Poison Ivy: sleeping in bed*
Dangerous Ivy: walks out of mirror*
Poison Ivy: Huh?
Dangerous Ivy: Hi
Poison Ivy: Oh Wow You Look Hot
Dangerous Ivy: You Too
Poison Ivy: Come Over Here Sexy uses the come finger*
Dangerous Ivy: walks up to her*
Poison Ivy: pulls her closer to her*
Dangerous Ivy: pulls her in her arms*
Poison Ivy: Kissing her*
Dangerous Ivy: Wet Kissing Her*
Poison Ivy: tongue kissing*
Dangerous Ivy: slides hand in a opening and pulls out her vines and sticks them in making puss come out*
Poison Ivy: nonstop kissing*
Dangerous Ivy: keeps doing it*
Poison Ivy: kissing and sucking hard*
Dangerous Ivy: Moans Loudly*
Poison Ivy : slides hand to her opening and rubs it fast*
Dangerous Ivy:mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Poison Ivy: keeps doing it*
Dangerous Ivy: leaves*
Poison Ivy: That Was Sexy Now Let Touch Myself she slides her hand in a opening and rubs really fast*MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Poison Ivy: That Felt Good falls asleep by her baby Mania*
Ivya: Hmph WTF Why Am I Here!
Poisona: Hi Emo Sis^^
Manivya: I Love Being Out Past My Bedtime^^
Mania: Hey Sweethearts Time To Go To Bed!
Poison Ivy: Goodnight Kiddies^^
Ivya: walks away* Night
Poisona: Night Moms^^
Manivya: falls asleep*
Poison Ivy and Mania: More Of Our Will Be Shown Soon So Be Patient Everyone These Are Just Three Of Our Kiddies^^
These Are PoisonIvyTheHedgehogAndManiaTheCat`s Kids Names DO NOT STEAL NAMES PLEASE^^
Poison Ivy: walks home sad and locks her door and goes to her room and falls asleep*
Poison Ivy: starts dreaming about a girl to love forever*
Mania: sleeping in her room while dreaming as well*
Poison Ivy: Hi says shyly*
Flaza: Hi looks at her frightened*
Poison Ivy: go if your afraid of me
Flaza: flies away fast*
Poison Ivy: wakes up* Morning Already Okay I Guess I Will Eat Something sighs*
Mania: Yay I Am Finally Here In Chaos City!
Nature: Welcome Here Their Is No War But Peace and Harmony!
Mania: Really Wow Finally I Can Have Fun!
Poison Ivy: sigh* Not Like Today Will Be My Lucky Day To Get A Girl But Whatever walks to the park*
Mania: Hey can I you know do whatever I want with her or is she dangerous?
Nature: HER she is the most dangerous hedgehog in this city but if you have guts to be with her then by all means your funeral but she has changed and is giving up on love so I would not hurt her or she will kill herself sighs*
Mania: Oh That green lipstick looks so tasty to smooch I really want to feel them on my body sighs*
Nature: well go get that hot sexy bitch and fast she is almost about to leave the park!
Mania: Okay thanks Nature I will tell you what happens runs off to the park*
Nature: That`s A Brave Girl Flaza I Hope She Finds What She Likes About Her sighs*
Flaza: Girl Beware If You Piss Her Off It Is Over For You Good Luck Girl both walk away from scene*
Poison Ivy: Well I Found None And It Is Already Dark Now What Did I Expect Someone to pop out of nowhere and say they love me huh?
Mania: Hi I`m Mania The Cat Would You Go Out With Me?
Poison Ivy: cries out joy* Yes Oh Yes Thank You
Mania: I know an awesome place to have a date at^^
Poison Ivy: smiles* Okay Let`s Go
Mania: opens a portal to a underwater restaurant and they both walk to the doors and get a unexpected welcome*
Hatsuniku: Welcome To Tusuniku Sushi How Can We Help You?
Mania: Me and My Date Want To Eat Here If You Don`t Mind?
Hatsuniku: Okay Here Are Your Seats points to them*
Poison Ivy: amazed* This Is My First Time Here Thank You I Will Show You My Appreciation Tonight At My House!
Mania: Okay
Later When They Finished Eating
Poison Ivy: Thank You For That Lovely Dinner Now Are You Ready To......
Mania: Pulls her close to her and kisses her lips*
Poison Ivy: enjoys it and moves closer*
Mania: slides hand in an opening and sticks finger in the opening*
Poison Ivy: moans loudly*
Mania: moves mouth to the opening and sticks her tongue in instead*
Poison Ivy: moans more*
Mania: moves her hand in a opening to invite it in*
Poison Ivy: fingers it really fast*
Mania: starts tongue kissing her*
Poison Ivy: Your not afraid of me kissing her*
Mania: No I Am Not and I like the taste of your lipstick on your lips^^
Poison Ivy: It`s Poisonous Lipstick Why I Did That To Be More Attractive says while taking off her clothes*
Mania: Yeah I Love It So Much Can You Put Another Colour On Your Lips So I Can Taste It?
Poison Ivy: Okay But This Next One Is Really Poisonous You Okay With That?
Mania: Of Course^^
Poison Ivy: takes off lipstick and pulls out her most dangerous lipstick Poisonous Green and puts it on*
Mania: okay let me taste it please^^
Poison Ivy: pulls her over and kisses her with the dangerous lipstick*
Mania: nonstop kissing her*
Poison Ivy: reaches her opening and fingers her alot*
Mania: still nonstop kissing her* Wow I Love This One So Much^^
Poison Ivy: keeps doing it* Yeah Wow I Guess You Really Aren`t Scared Of Me Then^^
Mania: Yep If I Can Survive This That Tells You I Love So Much^^kissing nonstop*
Poison Ivy: blushes and says Really You Do cries while kissing her*
Mania: In Fact I Wanna Marry You^^kissing nonstop*
Poison Ivy: Yes Yes Yes Yes and More Yes^^kissing her more*
Mania: Okay Our Wedding Will Happen Tomorrow^^kissing nonstop*
Poison Ivy: smiles while kissing more* Wanna Get Drunk Babe?
Mania: Heck Yeah Baby kissing nonstop*
Poison Ivy: gives you a bottle of beer*
Mania: drinks it*
Poison Ivy: drinks her`s*
They Kept On Drinking Until They Really Wanted To Do It So Much
Poison Ivy:mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Mania:Moans loudly*
Poison Ivy: Now I Kept This Lipstick Sealed away in my room if you can find it you will get a really sexy reward^^
Mania: looks for it and finds it while she did Ivy stuck her tongue in a opening and pulls it in and out sucking*
Poison Ivy: You Found It Okay Get On The Bed And You Will Get Your Reward^^
Mania: goes on the bed*
Poison Ivy: shows off her vines with poison*
Mania: OHHH I Know This Is Gonna Feel So Good^^
Poison Ivy: sticks a vine in a opening and pulls it in and out then puts on the sealed away lipstick while wiping off the other and puts on the lipstick but alot so it stays on*
Mania: moans* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Poison Ivy: crawls up to her mouth and sticks her new poison green tongue and starts sucking hard*
Mania: moans more* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Poison Ivy: kisses with lipstick that was sealed away* This Is A Special Lipstick It Makes Me Pregnant^^
Mania: Yes Let`s Do This kissing nonstop because she loves this tasting alot*
Poison Ivy: moans alot* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Mania: cums*
Poison Ivy: don`t stop
Mania: continues doing it*
Poison Ivy: belly kicks* Oh We Have Our First Kid Hold Let Get Her Out^^
Mania: Okay watches her take her vine in her stomach and pulls out their daughter*
Poison Ivy: Well Here`s Our First Baby Girl Hold How Times Did You Kiss Those Lips On Mine?
Mania: Nonstop^^
Poison Ivy: Okay Here comes more pulls them out*
Mania: smiles* Wow It`s Like Your Magic Babe^^
Poison Ivy: secret is I am magical but the bad hottie one^^
Mania: Yeah Well I Am Not Good At All I Tricked Nature The Tour Guide Hedgehog that showed around Chaos City I am very sexy bad^^
Poison Ivy: smiles evily* That What I Like Babe^^
Mania: how many is that already?
Poison Ivy: well 10 why?
Mania: okay that`s enough of kids babe^^
Poison Ivy: oops sorry last one I swear pulls her out*
Mania: this one is sooooo cute^^
Poison Ivy: I`m Tired I Think We Should Get Rest For Our Big Day Tomorrow^^
Mania: Yeah Okay Then Goodnight Babe^^
Poison Ivy: Goodnight^^
The Next Day
Poisona: Mommy Wake Up It`s Morning^^
Ivya: Hmph Morning I Would Careless smirks*
Manivya: Hey Now Why So Glum Ivy Bro?
Ania: Yay It`s Our Parents Big Day Today^^
Pania: Really Wow Haven`t Noticed?
Moisona: smiles* Yay^^
Yvya: Wah I Hungry
Oisona : SHUT UP Hmph
Isona: breathing hard*
Nia: Yay Yay Yay^^
Poisa: WAH crying*
Mania: Morning My Lovlies^^
Poison Ivy: Hi Sweethearts^^
All: Good Morning Mommies^^
Poison Ivy: Mania Babe Where`s My Dress?
Mania: Right Here^^
Poison Ivy: Kisses Her* Thank You Babe^^
Mania: Kisses Back* Okay Let`s Go^^
Meanwhile At Chaos City
Nature: Well I Will Be Damned She Survived Great Kid Have To Say^^
Flaza: Yeah and They Are Having A Wedding Today Pretty Unexpected?
Nature: Yep
Mystery: I Am Happy For Them^^
Sonic: Me Too^^
Dream: Totally
Nightmare: smiles*
All: everyone is here except one oc who would careless about them?
Shade: I Would Careless About Those Two Really Why Should I Care?
Shadow: Because I Do Faker Now Stop Being A Party Pooper And Sit In Your Spot!
Shade: Fine walks to his seat and sits in it*
Nature: Alright is everyone here okay I will like you to see the couple coming in Chaos City Poisania^^ 
Mania: play the music please^^
music plays in the background*
Poison Ivy: walks down the guests in the seats with a hot and sexy gown on and walks beside Nature*
Nature: We Are Gathered Here To Give To Special Mobians A Beautiful Life Together That Is All You Can Now Kiss and When you do you can`t break or divorce because if you do well Ivy goes on a killing spree now kiss already you lucky lesies^^
Mania: Kisses Ivy Passionately*
Poison Ivy: Kisses Mania Passionately Too*
All: clapping*
Mania: before we go meet our sweet daughters^^
Poison Ivy: points to them*
All Kids: Hi and Have A Sweet Death!
Nature: What?
Oisona: You Heard Me Weakling!
Mania: Sorry She Hates Everyone Just Don`t Piss My Oisona Off Or She Will Kill You^^
Poison Ivy: Yep So Try To Not Get Her Mad^^
Nature and All: Okay^^
Well There You Have It A Lovely Ending To This RP Story and The Kids Yes They Are Canon In Chaos City I Will Draw Them Tomorrow Or Next Weekend Until Then This Is Nata The Sexy Hot Hedgehog saying Stay Hot Girls and Boys Don`t Be Perves Bye Everyone^^  



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